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AVG is one of the topmost antivirus software programs that provide full-time protection to your PC from virus, Trojans, ransomware, and adware. It is specifically developed to secure your browser from online threats. AVG antivirus is a zero-cost choice for both PC and Mac users who want to protect themselves from a variety of threats which are possible to be exposed to when using a PC that is connected to the internet. Not only this, AVG software comes with an automatic update facility that keeps one step ahead of the possible danger user may face. If you want to know more then, feel free to contact the technician team at AVG Helpline UK.


When it comes to keeping your PC safe and secure, then only one name strikes the mind, ‘AVG Antivirus’. It comes with some amazing features which make it an ideal choice for keeping your PC safe and secure. In this post, we will discuss some best points that make you clear to choose only AVG for your PC, Mac, and Android.

Some features are:

  • Real-Time Protection:

If you do not have any proper antivirus on your system, then you are unable to scan the files enthusiastically. AVG Antivirus is one of the best software programs in the world and it is effective in offering re l-time protection to your computer/desktop and laptop.

  • Scheduled Update:

With this antivirus software, you can go to the settings and set the update options as per your choice. An automatic update is a great update option for AVG antivirus. It will update automatically very conveniently and will active all the time.

  • Boot-Time Scan:

There are so many viruses in the world that recursively creates itself and therefore places a duplicate of itself in the different part of the computer. So, it is essential to find out and eliminate all the copies of the virus from the different area of the PC. Well, that can only be done at booting time. Therefore, AVG Antivirus begins detecting the virus at the booting time also.

  • Mozilla Extension:

AVG Antivirus can be installed into the extension of Mozilla browser. Therefore, it can act as a real-time scanner. Whatever you access the internet that will be the first scan for you and only at that times you can download the file from the internet.

  • Low Memory Usage:

This antivirus software uses very low memory of a PC and therefore it helps the PC not to get slow at the time of the scanning process.

  • Scanning Process:

AVG antivirus scan files very immediate and hence it takes minimum time to scan the total disk. You can do multiple works at the same time as it will not disturb you while scanning process.


Well, these are some outstanding way through which AVG provides complete protection to your PC, Mac or Android and keep your device completely safe. If you are facing any issue while activating, installing or updating then take the support of technicians by calling at AVG Support UK. Our teams are available 24×7 to help you with your issue.

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