Steps to follow after AVG installation

If you want to protect your Windows, Macs and Android devices, then your first answer should be AVG Antivirus. This software is specifically developed to provide the user with such excellent attributes as it an ideal choice for them over time.

This software could be downloaded from the official website for free. This antivirus program provides outstanding affordability and flexibility with its amazing and devastating features.This software is an excellent and ideal match for personal computer users.


Today, it is extremely important to protect your PC from viruses and hacking in the internet prominent world that we work in. AVG brings free as well as a paid version to protect your device from virus, rootkits, spyware, and threats.

More and more users around the world prefer to use free AVG editions to ensure the safety of their personal computers.To enjoy the benefits of AVG, it is essential to install it on your PC. The AVG Installation process is very user-friendly and simple.

With a few clicks, the installation process is completed. The free AVG provides for free upgrades and convenient access to the latest attributes with its official websites.In this blog, we will discuss the installation process and the post-installation process of AVG.

Before installation, make sure that, your device does not have third-party software. If available then, remove the existing software with the help of AVG Removal Tool.

To install AVG software, follow these steps:

  • Go to AVG official website and find download section and then click the ‘Free Download’ box.
  • After downloading the software, click on the run box to start the installation. You can also find the downloading file in your download folder and then double click the application.
  • When the installation begins, choose the language whichever you want to choose and then select ‘Next’.
  • After that, read the license agreement of software and then understand the terms and click ‘Accept’ to continue the installation process.
  • Then, a license box appears automatically in which you need to fill your license number. Just click ‘next’ to proceed.
  • Further, select the custom install option, switch with default path and then click next to continue along with installation.
  • In the next installation component, you may either deselect the ‘Additional installed Languages’ or can just click next to proceed.
  • Click on ‘Finish’ to get the installation done.

These steps will make you easy to install the AVG on your device. Hold on, now you need to set up the features, update and configure the software.

Follow these steps for Post Installation Setup:

  • After installation is completed, the AVG menu will appear and provide you the options of scanning the system. We have to click the select option that is available on the top right corner and then click on ‘Advanced Settings’.
  • Here, you will need to select the ‘Virus Vault’ that appears on the left corner under the ‘Update’. Increase the size of the vault to 20% and after you are finished, press ‘Apply’ that is available on the bottom right corner.
  • After that, click on ‘Update’ on the left side of the application and then deselect ‘Start Memory and process scan further a successful update’. Again, click on ‘Apply’ box in the right corner when you have done.
  • Click on ‘Identity Protection’ on the left corner and choose the ‘Automatically quarantine detected threats’ box. Press ‘Apply’ from the same, right corner.
  • Now, finally, click on the ‘Appearance’ option that is available on the top left corner. Deselect both ‘AVG Advisor notifications’ and ‘Boot time improvement’ and then click on Apply.
  • Now, you have installed and completely configured the AVG Antivirus to protect your PC from threats that may attack from outside and maintains maximum efficiency and speed of the system.

If you have any queries against AVG or if you are facing any problem while installing or updating antivirus, then directly connected with the experts with just a call on AVG Support Number UK. The team will help you to figure out the reason for that issue and provide proper guidance to troubleshoot the issue.

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